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Vibur Mechanical engineering a real excellence center


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We are open for business and able to carry out as normal and following Government guidelines

Precision-Quality-On time

Specific technologies and experienced staff able to operate in well-defined areas and applications. Excellence is achieved through investment on technical and operational skills.

Things We've Learned Over the Years

About Vibur

Vibur is a company of post project management and engineering able to provide a complex service, post contract assistance and executive work management. In our company customers can find highly skilled and qualified professionals, a laboratory that supports the services provided, a solid corporate structure able to deal with complex high value-added initiatives.

Time is merciless


A trusted neighbour which is invaluable

Systems approved by SGS ISO 9001:2015

In addition, the company has an internal quality management system and an advanced computer network. The primary purpose of Vibur is to satisfy its customers, understanding needs and purposes of their business activities, as a partner to achieve defined goals


Logistic Support represents only the first step in a special relationship with our client. Great efforts are targeted at operational and logistical support, providing “turnkey” services in order to optimize the relationship between costs and benefits. An effective logistic support is rightly a high quality product. Using Vibur internal engineering center and using sophisticated computer tools, measurement and communication, Vibur staff meets all customer requirements quickly guarantying complex interventions, repairs, spare parts, technical documentation. Our services include applying products changes, collection and data processing


You have the opportunity to witness our craftsmen plying their intricate trades, you gain a new appreciation for that portion of the human soul that cries out for excellence

Vibur performs traditional and multi-axis milling and turning, and electro erosion machining (EDM). • We can produce any kind of working, starting from the customer's design to achieve the study for its implementation, in order to optimize work process, ensuring quality and competitive prices. • The machine tools variety allows us to produce low cost, small and large productions. We meet several needs satisfying large quantities of SMEs as the small amounts of artisans. We also produce prototypes for designers • All operations are managed through design and programming system at the top of the category, PC CAD CAM CNC. • We also produce heat and surface treatments (ex. anodizing) taking advantage of external certificated specialists. • We can certify our products by making high-precision 3D measurements, thanks to the performance of the Brown & Sharpe DEA three-dimensional measuring machine

We are convinced we can do most things better, and certainly much quicker than anybody else




Vibur 5 axis machine tools have become a key element in the technological process. These machine tools shows Vibur technological superiority in the automated production of several engineering elements, complete high performance machining of components, equipment and parts of turbines, large quantities production of high precision turning and milling work pieces.


All types of iron, cast iron AISI, steel alloy, ASTM, carbon steel, chromium stainless steel, etc. Exotic materials (stellite, inconel, etc.) Aluminum alloys (avional, peraluman, anticorodal, ergal) Copper Alloys (bronze, leaded bronze, manganese bronze, copper chromium, berylliumcobalt, brass, nickel silver, Titanium alloys Zinc Alloys Other alloys-Duranickel, magnesium alloy, monel.

Vibur technical excellence

The latest generation machines can process pre and post production on a singular machine providing economical benefits. Thanks to standard tools usage, stages of labor and downtime reduction. • VIBUR optimizes the investment costs • High competence in engineering design at 360 ° for each product. • Complete line of products and Innovative Materials for Mechanical Industry • The Highest degree of automation for high-tech production and expertise in engineering industry. • Complete processing efficiency for the supply and availability of all production elements and rays. • Productivity in the mass production of high degree of automation for the production of precision. • Flexibility to work. • Precision VIBUR Center • Reduced time for implementation. • High precision and expertise in high technology and high-tech for your products • High precision Machine tools for the most accurate profiles and surface quality • High speed and high technology milling. • Customised solutions for the structure with precision and stability.

Integral Solutions

Vibur work aims to identify and foster innovative technology that endeavours to solve problems in basic supply to our clients



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Our strength is the individual requests from our customers. We produce parts to customer design